Becoming mindful while learning French

How Mindful French method supports language acquisition?

Accessing untaped brain power through mindfulness practice!


The method includes meditation, yoga and mindfulness lessons. Those scientificly proven exercices provide super powers like increased concentration, motivation and perseverance. And kids love it!

Making it personal!


The private aspect of Mindful French teachings makes it so much more relevant for your child. It allows to tap into it's personal strengh, interests and form of intelligence to ensure a captivating experience.

Being understandable!


Yes, increasing vocabulary and grammar knowledge is important. But it's not really helpful if the pronunciation is off and people cannot understand! The method include phonetics and pronunciation practice to ensure comprehensibility. 

Memorizing made easier through a 4 steps didactic sequence!


Our teaching sequence is based on language acquisition research that proves the importance of getting clear about communicative intentions, preparing  the expression to then ensure success when communication happens.

« You are fun, patient and know how to teach. You've inspired Daniel to learn French! » -A.B.