Becoming mindful while learning French

Learning a second language
can be stressful for the child and his parents.

You don't have to add more pressure on your shoulders. 


Can you really help your child learning French if you don't speak the language?


You are a parent having a child learning French as a second language...

... and your child may be facing struggle in this undertaking. It may manifest as  stress of performance, learning anxiety, neediness, resistance to practice, low self-esteem or lack of enthusiasm in the learning process. 


You probably want to offer the best education & future to your child.

You know that increasing his cultural exposition can enhance  his growth. Yet, you may struggle to accompany him as you'd like on this journey. You may feel helpless on how to help him well or to recognize his progress because you just don't speak French yourself.


What's clear, you trust your child is having internal resources to win the challenge!

You want your child to embrace learning, connect with his inner curiosity and wisdom, learn to relax and build self-confidence while achieving academic success. 

It's possible to help your child learn French even if you don't speak the language.

There are many tools to help all the family members to feel empowered in the process. Oui! oui! : ) 


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